Companies under the Companies Act, 1956 may be classified on various grounds as under :

I. On the basis of business activities undertaken :

(1) Manufacturing Activities

(2) Service Activities

(3) Non-Banking Finance Activities

(4) Non-Profit Making (Sec-25)

(5) Producer (Sec 581 A)

II. On the basis of liabilities of the members and directors :

(1) With Limited Liability – (a) Limited by shares (b) Limited by guarantee and having share capital (c) Limited by guarantee

(2) With Unlimited Liability

III. On the basis of membership pattern/size :

(1) Public – (a) Listed (b) Unlisted

(2) Private – (a) Independent (b) Subsidiary of Public Co.

(3) Government

IV. On the basis of place of registration :

(1) Indian Company (Incorporated in India)

(2) Foreign Company (Company incorporated outside India but having place of business in India)

V. On the basis of control over the management :

(1) Holding Company

(2) Subsidiary Company