BizIntegrated enable Indian & foreign companies to open their Development center in Pune, India with minimal investment and well managed, time tested business processes.

BizIntegrated Serviced office will act as your Development center in India equipped with IP Cameras, Video Conferencing & Remote Desktop management tools.

  • You can provide your requirements for hiring a developer to our HR & Training department, they will advertise,Ai??shortlistAi??and arrange Video/Telephonic Interviews with your Project Manager. You can select an give offer letters to the employees.
  • Your Developers will be provided with a professional workspace at BizIntegrated Serviced Offices along with all facilities (normally possible in large corporate office only).
  • You can monitor and manage your employees directly using several sophisticated systems provided by BizIntegrated. This include multiple IP cameras with Pan Tilt Zoom functions, Biometrics Attendance management system, Desktop monitoring and control tools, Webcam and video conferencing system, Virtual Private Network, Cloud Computing and Network monitoring software.
  • All these systems along with services of BizIntegrated allow you to operate a Remote Development CenterAi?? in India without need for outsourcing to a local software development company. You can benefit from the lower cost of manpower with a loyal workforce and complete control on yourAi??intellectualAi??property.

You can get started with your own development center within few days, normally for hiring few employees its not necessary to incorporate as company in India. You can directly make payment to the bank accounts of the employees and appoint them as temporary employees for professional services. But in case you want to build a larger team (say more then 5 ) then it may be suitable for you to incorporate in India as Foreign Branch office or as a Company. This will increase interest of developers in working with your company and you can offer them a professional career with your company. BizIntegrated offer complete range of services to help you incorporate your company or open foreign office in India. In certain cases even an Indian company can hire the employees on your behalf and you shall pay the salary and management cost directly to them.




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